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So, we're going to Canada this time around with a look at Denis Lepage, another one of those disco jack of all trades. He produced, song wrote, engineered, composed, arranged, and even sung. Starting around 1976, Lepage began churning out disco tracks of all sorts, first -- as with all up-and-coming musicians -- with the smaller stuff.

The higher profile stuff came in the early-1980s, and then a patch of obscurity came in the late-1980s (Lepage began putting out bizarre Hi NRG cuts under the moniker Le Page). All of Lepage's stuff is very distinctly disco -based in tone, structure, energy, and arrangement, but there's something else there ... an X factor comprised of slinky synth ditties and mechanized drum ....

6:56 a.m. Monday 10th November 2008 EST
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