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Daft Punk: Creator of First Daft ...

Shane Brouwer, the creator of the Daft Punk game we posted about a while back, has come through with a sequel, Daft Punk ElectroWars 2. He's added some characters like former Daft Punk manager/Ed Banger head Busy P, The Cobrasnake, and a repentant Justice returns. You can also shoot missiles, punch, and kill henchmen called Numanoids (as if Gary Numan was ever some kind of villain).<br/><br/> Unfortunately, this sequel still doesn't stand up to even the original Emo Game (which, despite never being emo, I did play). You can play Daft Punk ElectroWars 2 here . [Source: The Daily Swarm ].<br/><br/> 10 a.m. Friday 15th May 2009 EST
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