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Daft Punk Delivering A 'Tron Legacy' ...

According to a post on electronic music magazine URB's website, electro -bot duo Daft Punk have recorded a staggering 24 tracks for their " Tron Legacy " score. This poses some interesting questions as it related to film music publishing. Briefly: the reason that scores you buy on CD (or on the ITunes music store) are so much shorter than the actual, you know, movie, is because for every 45 minutes of recorded music that they release, they have to pay every member of the orchestra.<br/><br/> During Academy season, studios send out "complete scores" to voting members with considerably more music, because no one's making any money off of them. (Well, in theory at least - eBay is a hotbed .... 10:24 p.m. Monday 27th July 2009 EST
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