Daft Punk Is Playing At My ...

Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (LCD Soundsystem Cover)

Magic Arm is a 21st century one man band, a sonically curious soul who fuses folk, rock and effervescent electronics. Samuel Beam of Iron & Wine has hailed him " the master of the loop pedal " and in this lies the secret of Magic Arm's enthralling live performances. When Magic Arm plays live, he feeds his mic, guitar and keyboard through the aforementioned pedal.

To build up his songs, he then has to play different parts from each instrument, through the pedal, sampling and looping the fragments as he goes, in order to weave together the constituent parts of his songs. “ Buying a Yamaha CS-10 in Cash Converter was the biggest influence on my sound ” he says, .... 10 p.m. Thursday 29th January 2009 EST
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