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Daisy Tulley, High God People, Bells, ...

Daisy Tulley, High God People, Bells, more

Parisian stylist Elisa Nalin has just been photographed for The Selby. While looking through the images, I wondered how often she dusted her apartment We have the same yellow lamp. But she has more shoes than I do.

See photos here . I love the premise of Todd's website - capturing creatives in the places that best reflect their practises and artistic personalities. Because, face it, your home (or bedroom if you live in a share house like I do) is the best exemplar of who you are and want to be.

Todd Selby will be in Sydney soon for a collaborative show with Marc Hunter at Monster Children Gallery . It opens next Friday, March 6, at 6pm. Speaking ....

9:08 a.m. Thursday 26th February 2009 EST
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