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Dammit, Justin Marks- Would It Kill ...

Dammit, Justin Marks- Would It Kill You To Have An Original Idea? Hack Tackles WB's 'Suicide Squad'

Do we have to do the rollcall once again? Fine. "He-Man." "Voltron." "Street Fighter." "Green Arrow." "Captain Nemo." "Hack/Slash." These are the names of pre-established properties that Justin Marks has helped pen in the last few years. The odd, Hollywood issue about this is that none of Marks' scripts have been produced yet.

Somehow, that hasn't stopped him from raking in the dough on these for-hire gigs. With his first script, " Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li " turned into a movie that even Fox is embarassed of (a 1000+ theater release this weekend from a studio usually proud of their terrible movies), it's unsure exactly how he's getting these jobs- if bullshit merchant McG is to be believed, .... 1:51 p.m. Thursday 26th February 2009 EST
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