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dancing about parenthetical girls

Parenthetical Girls - A Song For Ellie Greenwich Quite some time ago, this blog's very distinguished curator asked me to do a review for Parenthetical Girls' show in Whelans. I had to cry off at the time due mainly to a number of real life commitments, which included both a number of computer science course assignments and administering to some poorly sheep. I'm not even kidding, and behold! all ye, the face of 21st century Ireland.<br/><br/> But, although these excuses were wholly truthful, they were not the whole truth. Time wasn't entirely the issue. I actually spent some hours working on it, but found myself facing for the first time a far more significant problem.<br/><br/> To illustrate, here's but one .... 9:39 p.m. Thursday 28th May 2009 EST
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