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'Dark Knight' Oscar Snub Hysteria Continues

Yesterday, we tracked reactions around the web from the comic-book friendly website and fans that were appalled that " The Dark Knight " failed to capture a Best Picture nomination at the film industry's annual meat parade – the scientifically proven, historically infallible and artistically qualifiable Academy Awards. Despite having scored eight nominations, a ringing endorsement for a film if there ever was one, outrage and threats of Oscar boycott wrath were in the air. Also, the terrorists may have already won.<br/><br/> Steve Mason from /Film asks (warns?), if the 'Dark Knight' snub will make for the lowest-rated Academy Awards in the history of Oscar. He also uses a lot of math to suggest that biggest $$$ equal best movies, .... 6:40 a.m. Saturday 24th January 2009 EST
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