'Dark Knight 'Snubbed In 81st Annual ...

'Dark Knight 'Snubbed In 81st Annual Oscar Nominations'! 'Benjamin Button' Leads Pack With 13 Nods!

Wow , no Best Picture for " The Dark Knight" nor a nomination for Christopher Nolan for Best Director. The Weinstein 's gamble with " The Reade r" paid off. Man, some preordained stuff, but some major surprises too.

David Fincher 's " The Curious Case of Benjamin Button " led the pack with 13 nominations; it's only he 11th film ever to receive 13 nominations or more. " Slumdog Millionaire " was second with 10 nominations and " Milk " and " The Dark Knight " both earned themselves 8 nominations each, but 'TDK' was shut out of the main two categories. The big surprise underdog, " The Reader, " scored five nominations as did Ron Howard 's " ....

11:28 p.m. Thursday 22nd January 2009 EST
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