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Darren Aronofsky Had To Drag Mickey ...

Ok, so if you're a big fan of " The Wrestler " and or are greatly anticipating for when it hits your city (currently it's in limited NY/L.A. release), you've probably already read all the stories about Darren Aronofksy and Mickey Rourke on this blog and tons of other places. There's definitely no bad blood between them, but both of them are candid.<br/><br/> Rourke has essentially called Aronofsky a taskmaster onset and Aronofsky has hinted that he had to keep Rourke inline and focused. Again, you've read all that, but man this interview with the filmmaker and the L.A. Times is a perhaps way more revealing than most .<br/><br/> Aronosfky describes this working relationship as both a "battle" and a .... 6:55 a.m. Friday 19th December 2008 EST
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