Darryl "DMC" McDaniels @ Jesse Auditorium, 03/05/09

S hame on someone (MSA?) for booking the King of Rock and getting maybe thirty people to show up. There were more attendees at a terrible University Wind Ensemble performance I was required to attend in the fall. Was it because there weren’t signs until last week, and a Google search for “Darryl McDaniels +Jesse Hall” gets you a listing from third-party and then two links to this webzine’s review of a Rilo Kiley show from September of 2007? I’m sure DMC will eagerly return to Columbia so he can get his message to a couple dozen white kids and 10 aspiring journalists who are looking up Melle Mel on Wikipedia right now.

About that message: DMC is touring .... 11 p.m. Friday 6th March 2009 EST
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