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Das Racist Get Lost In Yum ...

Das Racist Get Lost In Yum Brands’ Supermarket

What is "Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell," which has already been tipped as one of the possible jams of the summer by MTV's James Montgomery , been termed "the track we, as a culture, need right now, or the track we, as a culture, deserve—or both" by Village Voice music editor Rob Harvilla, and been remixed in such a way that it snagged Pitchfork's coveted Best New Music tag ? The plot of the song is simple: The two dudes who comprise the Brooklyn hip-hop duo Das Racist are trying to find each other in one of those slightly horrifying hybrid fast-food joints that Yum! Brands--the company responsible for bringing KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's, and .... 11:45 p.m. Wednesday 17th June 2009 EST
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