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DatA - Skywriter Review + Track: ...

Welcome to 'Skywriter', DatA 's debut full length album. Often when you come down from a leak induced high (composed of an artist you love + obtaining hard to find goods), you meet the crash (several hours later) of realizing that the album is only so-so. Either I haven't given the Skywriter a proper chance, or I jump too quickly to the next, newest artist.

Either way, its not a good sign when you have to remind yourself to go back to a cd. I would equate the album's lasting ability to Yuksek's debut album. The singles, "One In a Million" and "Rapture" have been so thoroughly ingrained in my subconscious that I already skip over them when they come ....

2:26 p.m. Monday 1st June 2009 EST
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