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Database - We Are Not Professionals ...

Before I start on the mix, a bit of a sad day yesterday. I went to AA and for the first time I couldn't name off any of the songs they played. Damn AA hipsters have outsmarted me.

To make matters worse, I walked into Gap for no good reasons at all and recognized all the songs they played. What's going on? Is this what it feels like to be stuck in a previous generation of music? It doesn't matter, we shall prevail! If the music won't move with us, we'll move with the music! Let's get started with the mix! Lucio Morais and Yuri Chix of Database from Sao Paulo, Brazil has made a killer mix. It's solid, and ....

From 'Sundtrak'
2:35 a.m. Wednesday 16th December 2009 EST
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