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California Wives

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  • Der große Coast Is Clear Jahresrückblick 201 ..
    Weiter geht’s mit meinem persönlich geprägten Jahresrückblick. Bei den Songs haben sich zwei Coverversionen an die Spitze meiner Liste der meistgehörten und damit höchstpräfertierten Lieder gesetzt – und was für welche! Beides Mal wurden 5-Sterne-Songs in extrem gelungener Weise neueingespielt. Ansonsten haben sich einige Bands gleich mit mehreren Stücken in mein Herz gespielt, z.B. Mint Julep, die ja auch mein Nr. 1-Album abgeliefert haben, oder California Wives, von denen ich mir 2012 noch viel Gutes erhoffe. 1. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – Dum Dum Girls 2. Sensitive – Resplandor 3. Why Don't We – Mint Julep 4 ...
    Coast Is Clear - der Indie-Pop-Blog
    31 December 2011
  • FEATURE: Best Of 2k11 – Alternative Music ..
    75. Teel – Triangle Waves 74. California Wives – Blood Red Youth 73. Bombay Bicicle CLub – Shuffle 72. Foster The People – Hustling 71. Wim – Something for You 70. Young Galaxy – Peripheral Visionaries 69. Blood Diamonds – Grins 68. Peter Bjorn And John – May Seem Macabre 67. Lo-Fi-Fnk – Boom 66. [...]
    A Volta
    22 December 2011
  • Top 50 Songs of 2011 :: 50-41 [They're setti ..
    Welcome to our annual countdown of the 50 best songs of the calendar year. Songs must be from an EP, LP or demo released during 2011 and no band may appear twice. Today, we count down 50 to 41. 50. California Wives - "Tokyo"  Nothing felt more neon than California Wives' "Tokyo" in 2011. It was nothing but synths and guitars, a chorus rooted in a geographic tautology, "They're building
    20 December 2011
  • …things of the year
    click for more 2011 good stuff that happened…. sebastian, embody (kavinsky remix) wolf gang, dancing with the devil. california wives, tokyo is tropical, the greeks yasmin, finish line (freemasons pegasus radio edit) the good natured, wolves wale/meek mill, 100 hunnit alex winston, sister wife (ladyhawke remix)
    17 December 2011
  • Vagrant Records - Label Picks for New Music ..
    Welcome to Label Picks for New Music. Every fortnight we invite a label to pick one up and coming band on their own label and another not associated with the label. This fourth edition features LA-based Vagrant Records . Picks come from Jeremy Maciak who does A&R; and Marketing for Vagrant Records and has been with the label since 2008. Active Child is poised to set the world on fire. The debut album, You Are All I See , is a work in perfection, one of those very rare albums that can be played from start to finish (or anywhere in ...
    The 405
    8 October 2011
  • Twitter List: North Coast Fest Acts
    The North Coast Music Festival (@northcoastfest ) takes place this weekend in Chicago’s Union Park featuring an impressive and eclectic lineup of artists. For those of us unable to attend the fest, one of the great ways to get real-time updates and information about the happenings at Union Park is via the performers’ Twitter feeds. We’ll be closely monitoring the @Hidden_Track account for updates from all of the bands, rappers and DJs we’re following on Twitter. We’ve made a Twitter list featuring every North Coast Music Fest artist with a Twitter account and have compiled the Twitter ...
    Hidden Track
    1 September 2011
  • Lives
    California Wives – Tokyo
    Winnie Cooper
    19 May 2011
  • The Top Fiver - Guide To Spring Mix I feel ..
    The Top Fiver - Guide To Spring Mix  I feel like I have been bad at posting stuff for awhile now when it comes to what I am listening to. So I have been wanting to compile a mix for a little bit and it felt fitting to feature a mostly spring vibe to mix. I would say this is my best of the year so far mix too but I feel like not all the tracks are from 2011.  1. Gardens & Villa -Black Hills 2. Sun Glitters -  Too Much To Lose 3. Purity Ring - Lofticries 4. Craft Spells - After the ...
    Top Fiver
    29 April 2011
  • California Wives | Tokyo [Audio]
    With a name like California Waves you would assume this band would be from Cali, but this indie rock four piece hails from Chicago. This new band (they formed in 2009) have suddenly popped on our ones to watch list. Enjoy their spring themed tune, Tokyo. California Wives – Tokyo
    The Maroon Cafe
    15 April 2011
  • California Wives
    Chicago’s California Wives (yeh I know that’s confusing) have been seeing some serious buzz recently, thanks to an article in Pitchfork among other outlets (I actually discovered them the same day on Toronto’s awmusic.ca and Hits In The Car; they’ve also received attention from my deity of all bloggers, Dodge at My Old Kentucky Blog). [...]
    New Music Michael
    15 April 2011
  • California Wives “Tokyo”
    ’80′s-loving indie-rock four-piece California Wives (who are all male…and from Chicago…) helps ease listeners into the Spring season with the dreamy new wave haze captured on their latest offering “Tokyo”, a blissed out gem that finds plaintive-voiced frontman Jayson Kramer immersed in the fantasy of escaping his bleak current existence and making a move to [...]
    Mixtape Maestro
    14 April 2011
  • California Wives- “Tokyo”
    Chicago’s California Wives might be viewed as a contradiction, and their debut single, “Tokyo,” only adds to the confusion. This mod quartet is breathing new life into the classic sounds of new wave pop, blending their love of electronic music with influences from the Police and New Order. The track is confirmation the Windy City–on [...]
    13 April 2011
  • California Wives - Tokyo
    Filthy Tracks
    12 April 2011
  • [Listen/Download] – New Song By California W ..
    You haven’t heard from me
    Listen Before You Buy
    9 April 2011
  • Cover me in purple...
    Pitchfork has discovered California Wives . The band’s sudden (and much deserved) growth in popularity has (fortunately) increased the traffic to this blog as well. + Purple + Tokyo Try not to be confused; The Boombox Hearts ’ cover of Cover Me (the Bruce Springsteen song) has been covered by Cover Me (the music blog). + Cover Me New 7” single There’s Something About Mary by The Hit Parade will be out on JSH Records on May 2nd. It’s a really nice though rather typical indie pop song, but the B-side tribute to Brighter is (in my opinion as always) actually the ...
    8 April 2011
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