We Are Hunted

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Gotye is Aussie Belgian Wally De Backer. He plays drums, percussion and piano, and he writes, sings and produces tracks at his home, currently in Victoria, Australia. Gotye’s sound is a melting pot of samples from sources far and wide, mixed with Wally’s vocals and home recorded soun... Read More

  • SoundDessert's Best Singles of 2011
    As 2011 comes to a close I give you, in no particular order, my list of the 25 best singles of the year. Click the selected links to hear the tracks. These songs will have you dancing, feeling nostalgic, and at times emotional, but always free. Enjoy, and as always, share your favorites in the comments. Happy New Year! Here's to another amazing year of music in 2012! 1. CANT - Believe    CANT - Believe (taken from Dreams Come True - Terrible Records / Warp Records) by Warp Records 2. Marina & the Diamonds - Radioactive 3. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy   4. M83 - Midnight ...
    1 January 2012
  • Best 200 Tracks of 2011
    As promised, here is my final post. Thank you all for the support. I was great while it lasted. Here is the Grooveshark URL for easy listening . They are also on the Big Playlist. Take care everybody and Happy New Year! 200. Pretty Lights - I Know the Truth 199. Adam and the Amethysts - Dreaming 198. Cults - Go Outside 197. Tab Benoit - Nothing Takes the Place of You 196. Apparat - Ash-Black Veil 195. Timber Timbre - Bad Ritual 194. Lykke Li - Get Some 193. Cymbals Eat Guitars - Another Tunguska 192. LAKE RADIO - I Wish You Could See in Technicolor, Too 191. People ...
    fairly coherent
    1 January 2012
  • BEST OF 2011: best songs #1-25
    #1-25 (the youtube player has all the videos above in a playlist, press >> for the next song) 1. Rihanna feat Calvin Harris – We Found Love [there's no doubt that this is wholly a calvin harris production, but it's riri's melancholic vocals over his drowning beats that bring this club tune to the top of my 2011 list. i haven't felt so elated and yet kind of bummed out at the same time in ages...maybe cause it's a running theme of my year? screw it, lets dance!] 2. Ed Sheeran – Lego House / The A Team ...
    wongie's music world
    1 January 2012
  • Year Top Downloads
    The year is almost over and last year I procrastinated in posting the best of 2010, so this year I started early and made it simple, "Top Downloads of the Year". Thank you all for you support and I hope this 2012 we can share great music together. January: Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages February: Mike Posner -  Save Your Goodbye (Johnny Lawson Remix) March: Yacht - Dystopia April: Bravestation -  White Wolves (Youth Remix) May: Tom Vek - World Of Doubt June: VHS or Beta - I Found A Reason July: Tom Vek - Aroused August: Trey Brown - At Midnight September: Yeasayer - O.N.E ...
    1 January 2012
  • -365+355
    2011 por Sucio Descargar fichero de audio (01%20No%20Church%20In%20The%20Wild%20(feat.%20Frank%20Ocean).mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (03%20The%20Day%20Is%20Coming.mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (Dias%20Perfectos.mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (11%20It%20Takes%20Time%20To%20Be%20A%20Man.mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (10%20Hanging%20In%20The%20Wire.mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (Somebody%20That%20I%20Used%20To%20Know%20feat%20Kimbra.mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (07%20Wild%20Eyed.mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (04%20Wake%20Up!.mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (Kaputt.mp3) Descargar fichero de audio (2-03%20Scale%20It ...
    1 January 2012
  • Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Ft. Ki ..
    Some tracks just grab you from the moment of the first note, and others take awhile to warm up like
    Audio Drums
    31 December 2011
  • News: Rage Unveils Top 50 Clips Of 2011
    Not to be outdone by our Best Clips of 2011 , ABC’s long-running weekend institution Rage recently unveiled its top 50 clips of the year. The list was publically voted (which may explain the inclusion of Trem and I Am Giant in the Top 10, and Altiyan Childs at all) and was revealed over Xmas Eve. Here it is in full (with selected local highlights and the entire top 10): The 2011 'Rage 50' 1. Gotye featuring Kimbra – Somebody That I Used to Know 2 TremAnimal Kingdom 3. Ball Park Music – It’s Nice to be Alive 4. I ...
    Mess and Noise
    30 December 2011
  • Gotye -- 2012 Tour Dates
    by Andrew Sacher Australia's Gotye is pretty big over in his home country due to his super catchy single, "Somebody That I Used to Know." The song is on his album, Making Mirrors, which came out in Australia this past...
    30 December 2011
  • PropertyOfZack 10Of'11 : : Ocean Grove
    PropertyOfZack is happy to be bringing you yet another 10Of’11 from Ocean Grove. Check out their list below and check back every day for more! From Ocean Grove: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - death of you and me The Belle Brigade - losers Mastodon - The Hunter - Blasteroids Elbow - Build A Rocket Boys - With Love Dawes - Nothing is wrong - So Well Gotye - making Mirrors - Somebody that I used to Know Fleet foxes - Helplessness Blues - Grown Ocean Foster the People - Torches - Houdini Yuck - Get Away Lonely Island - Turtle Neck and Chain - turtle neck and chain
    29 December 2011
  • OTR's Favorite Singles of 2011
    Hope you had a great Christmas! Ready for New Years?!? For fun I went through my 2011 playlists and picked out some of my favorite singles of the year. I arranged them in some type of cohesive order, but not really best to worst or anything. The only exceptions being track one & two M83's "Midnight City" and Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know" that are probably my two favorite singles of the year. I included links where you can read posts we did on OTR throughout the year, grab the mp3, check out the video or all of ...
    ::: Off the Radar :::
    28 December 2011
  • Jasper the Cavoodle’s Playlist 2011
    1. Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know (featuring Kimbra).  Yeah, I know everybody loved this song this year…it’s genius ! 2. Foster The People – Helena Beat. This is a great song to walk to. Motivates me to do another lap of the park. 3. Boy & Bear – Milk & Sticks. Such a cool [...]
    The In Sound from Way Out
    28 December 2011
  • YUM YUM Top 50 Tunes 2011
    YUM YUM Remix / Janelle Monae – Tightrope (Chromes Tainted Love Version) Foster the People – Love Gotye – Somebody That I Use To Know (Bombs Away Remix) Joker – On my mind feat. william cartwright Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis (Cookin’ Soul Remix)  Lana Del Rey – Video Games Chiddy Bang – Ray [...]
    28 December 2011
  • Best of 2011 Countdown: Top 11 Music Videos! ..
    As voted by the AU review contributors, here are our favourite 11 music videos of 2011, which continues Gotye and Kimbra 's sweep of our 2011 awards. Unlike the last countdowns, we'll let the videos speak for themselves.... read more
    The AU Review
    27 December 2011
  • OTR's Favorite Albums of 2011 :: Part 1
    Another year has passed and 2011 has left us with some amazing albums! Here is a list I compiled from my favorites as well as favorites from fellow contributors Michael and Erika . We all have slightly different tastes so together it leaves us with a nice representation of the year. These are in no particular order (that would be too difficult/unnecessary to do). Enjoy and thanks for listening! Have a great holiday weekend! Hooray for Earth :: True Loves Hooray For Earth was without a doubt the album I listened to the most in 2011. I listened to it when ...
    ::: Off the Radar :::
    24 December 2011
  • ARMY of 3 – “Somebody That I Used to Know” – ..
    This is insanely good! Über-awesome find via our YUM YUM Top Tunes group on Facebook that I haven’t been around for a while now (bad!). We’ve posted several Gotye posts over the last weeks and months including the original back in August as well as the outstanding Santé Edit which Schowi posted just recently. Which one [...]
    24 December 2011
  • Boardface
    • Out Here in the Cold
    • True to You
    • The Only Thing I Know
    • Wonder Why You Want Her
    • What Do You Want?
    • Out of My Mind
    • Here in This Place
    • Waiting for You
    • Loath to Refuse
    • Noir Excursion
    • Baby
  • Mixed Blood
    Creative Vibes
  • Like Drawing Blood
    • Only Way
    • Hearts a Mess
    • Coming Back
    • Thanks for Your Time
    • Learnalilgivinanlovin
    • Puzzle with a Piece Missing
    • A Distinctive Sound
    • Seven Hours with a Backseat Driver
    • Night Drive
    • Worn out Blues

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