Jessica Lee Mayfield

Jessica Lea Mayfield has performed with her family band, One Way Rider, since the age of 8. So it’s no surprise that the 20-year-old singer-songwriter has a mature sound that seems evolved beyond her years. A featured vocalist on The Black Keys’ Attack and Release, that band’s Dan Au...     Read More
Annuals, Jessica Lee Mayfield @ The Recordbar, March ...
I always have mixed feelings about seeing a great band with an audience of under 100 people. On one hand, it’s like an intimate gathering with like-minded friends. On the ...
Published by PopWreck(oning)
4:36 a.m. Saturday 7th March 2009 EST
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Last Night: Annuals, What Laura Says and Jessica ...
A fantastic lineup at The Parish the other night. Annuals played a great set and have only improved since we last saw them at Fun Fun Fun Fest . Black ...
Published by ultra8201
6:18 a.m. Tuesday 17th February 2009 EST
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Burgeoning Metropolis: Best of January
I thought rather than doing another round up of a bunch of albums only a few people have heard of it might be a time to do a little monthly ...
Published by Burgeoning Metropolis
4:53 a.m. Sunday 1st February 2009 EST
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Orange Alert's Music Minute Orange Alert's Music Minute
Ann Arbors's Wild Years recently released a new ep called Where'd You Go ?, and they are selling them for $3 each on their myspace page. The three song contained ...
Published by What to Wear During an Orange Alert?
10:24 p.m. Sunday 25th January 2009 EST
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Annuals w/ Jessica Lee Mayfield @ El Mocambo ...
So, we walk into El Mocambo and my buddy Mr. Grosman tells me that Jessica Lee Mayfield is "an introspective female singer-songwriter;" at which point I'm thinking that if I ...
Published by Burgeoning Metropolis
4:11 p.m. Sunday 25th January 2009 EST
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