Little Big Adventure

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Download the Labrador Spring Sampler 2009
Here’s a little present from swede label Labrador. The free Spring Sampler 2009 includes upcoming tracks like “The Hateful Eye” by Little Big Adventure & “Dare” from The Mary Onettes. ...
Welikeit.indie - 5:50 a.m. Monday 13th April 2009 EST
Gratis: Labrador-Spring-Sampler
Das schwedische, auf Indiepop und Twee spezialisierte, Label Labrador verschenkt haufenweise Frühlingsmusik. Die Compilation enthält die aktuellen Hits der Suburban Kids With Biblical Names und The Sound of Arrows; neue, ...
78s - 8:20 p.m. Thursday 9th April 2009 EST
Emerging: Little Big Adventure
He hails from Sweden, he writes songs about hate and he uses keyboards to make melodramatic indie pop that's as pointed as it is poignant. Combine those powers for a ...
the culture of me - 12:44 a.m. Tuesday 17th March 2009 EST
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