We Are Hunted

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Phantogram is an American electronic rock duo from Saratoga Springs, consisting of guitarist Josh Carter and keyboardist Sarah Barthel. Barthel and Carter were friends since junior high school, but Phantogram didn't officially form until 2007. That summer, Barthel returned home dissa... Read More

  • More Maria Taylor: Was ‘Bad Idea?’ a bad ide ..
    "That's why I don't usually read reviews," she said. "I don't trust them, they're so contradictory. I'm always wondering if this person (writing it) is a musician. Why would I trust them over what friends think? It doesn't influence the way I do things at all. It doesn't make a difference."
  • Phantogram at First Avenue, 10/26/11
    Photos by Erik Hess​PhantogramOctober 26, 2011First AvenueThe fact that Phantogram managed to fill First Avenue on Wednesday night was a bit surprising, but that warm reception from the Minneapolis
  • Best New Releases – Phantogram, Surfer Blood ..
    Surfer Blood return with their first release since 2010′s sensational debut LP, Astro Coast, an album that made them a huge hit in the indie circuits for the past two years. One of our favorite songs so far this autumn is “Don’t Move” from Phantogram; it’s simply a fantastic track that you just can’t but [...]
  • Alan Wilkis: “Come And Go (Featuring The Kic ..
    Alan Wilkis has been known around the blogosphere for awhile now as a talented remixer. His work with material from bands like Phantogram, Phoenix, Yeasayer and Film School earned him some acclaim for his ability to keep a song’s important elements intact while employing some pretty impressive tweaks. Wilkis begins unveiling another special project with [...]
  • New Album Releases: Oct 25 2011
    Posted at 10:30am, 10/25/2011 Our new album release list for the coming week goes up every Tuesday. Check out what's dropping October 25th, grab mp3s and catch up on what you missed from previous weeks. Tuesday, October 25th: A Classic Education: Call It Blazing [ *new* mp3 ] Comet Gain: Howl of the Lonely Crowd [ *new* mp3 ] Dan Deacon: Spiderman of the Rings reissue [ *new* mp3 ] Deer Tick: Divine Providence [ mp3 ] Dntel: Life is Full of Possibilities [ *new* mp3 ] Jedi Mind Tricks: Violence Begets Violence Justice: Audio, Video, Disco [ mp3 ] The Magnetic Fields: Holiday reissue [ mp3 ] Of Montreal ...
  • Phantogram
    "Don't Move" MP3 from the EP Nightlife 2011 iTunes BY SAM SKLOVER | Jonk Music Sarah Barthel's voice keeps telling me to "keep your body still" but all this song makes me want to do is dance like I'm in some weird Madonna/Johnny Depp music video. Twisted, maybe, but this song, or rather this whole mini-album ( Nightlife ) is a subtle hop, skip, and a jump away from Phantogram 's last album Eyelid Movies , and it's trip-hop tendencies. While definitely familiar in sound to Eyelid Movies , the major difference between the two releases is notably where you ...
  • Photos: Phantogram & EXITMUSIC @ Outland liv ..
    Phantogram & EXITMUSIC Outland October 22, 2011 EXITMUSIC Phantogram EXITMUSIC Phantogram Check out here the rest of the photos.
  • First Spin: The Tales Behind Phantogram's 'N ..
    Next Tuesday, Barsuk will release Phantogram's Nightlife EP, the New York electro duo's brief but bold follow-up to last year's Eyelid Movies . Just before their recent show at the Metro in Chicago, Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel tried remembering how each of these six songs was born. (They mostly succeeded. OutKast came up.) Check out what they had to say while you spin the full EP: “16 Years” Josh Carter: "This was a song that I wrote as a demo a few years ago, having recorded myself just singing gibberish in falsetto on the road. I ended ...
  • Phantogram – “Nightlife” EP Drops November 1 ..
    Are you tired of me talking about Phantogram yet? Maybe, but too bad. I already mentioned their new six-track EP will drop November 1. What else could be new, you ask? Well, if you ‘like’ their facebook page, you’ll get to stream the entire EP in its entirety. Six delicious melodies of absolute lusciousness. Go [...]
  • Tonight in Columbus: Phantogram with EXITMUS ..
    Saratoga Springs-based electro-rockers Phantogram have been slowly building quite an impressive profile throughout the last year. Since their first headlining show at The Treehouse (RIP) in Columbus over a year and a half ago, they’ve toured with The Antlers, Metric, … Continue reading →
  • Phantogram – Don’t Move
    Listen to the New York electronic-rock duo's single for the upcoming Nightlife EP. “Don’t Move” has a tactile edge, and is more whimsical than their previous material, which was darker and more subdued...
  • Phantogram - Don’t Move [Review]
    If they keep releasing tracks like ‘Don’t Move’ Phantogram have the potential to become one of the first of the recent glitch-pop movement to reach that financial Nirvana known as the mainstream. The track sounds like someone’s taken a sugary pop track and ripped it apart, rearranged it and inexplicably made it a million times better. It sounds like a remix, but it’s not. Lavishing the track with too much praise would be premature, under its addictively sharp and shiny exterior lies not much more than what your average song in the hit parade has, and it ...
  • Song of the Day! Phantogram – Don’t Move
    Ok, so if there ever was a band who’s music could pull me out of a damper it would have to be Phantogram. Wonderful indie trip-hop that just breaks down musical barriers and penetrates into your psyche. Phantogram is responsible for last year’s absolutely amazing album … Continue reading →
  • EP Review: Phantogram – Nightlife
    Phantogram bring the hazy, darkness on Nightlife.
  • Phantogram: "Nightlife"
    Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter’s Phantogram project is releasing a mini-album titled  Nightlife  in a few weeks, and the title track is ... Read the full article at http://www.prefixmag.com/media/phantogram/nightlife/57676/
  • Eyelid Movies
    • Mouthful of Diamonds
    • When I'm Small
    • Turn It Off
    • Running from the Cops
    • All Dried Up
    • As Far as I Can See
    • You Are the Ocean
    • Bloody Palms
    • Futuristic Casket
    • Let Me Go
    • 10,000 Claps
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  • Oct. 28, 2011, 9:19 p.m.
    Really Nice
    User Rating
  • Oct. 24, 2011, 1:24 p.m.
    Cannot wait for Nightlife...
    User Rating
  • Oct. 21, 2011, 11:23 p.m.
    these guys are pretty good!!!
    User Rating
  • Oct. 21, 2011, 5:51 p.m.
    Another awesome track from these guys - can't wait until the new EP is released!
    User Rating

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