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Peaking Lights


Peaking Lights is Aaron and Indra from Rah Dunes and Numbers new duo project recently relocated to Madison/ Rural Wisconsin from the Bay Area. Floating electronic pulses, controlled feedback, tape loops, organ, synth, guitar, and vocal harmonies layered into waves of four track noise... Read More

  • Peaking Lights
    I discovered Peaking Lights just recently, upon hearing their remix of a Wooden Shjips song. Peaking Lights is the husband and wife duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, recently relocated from the Bay Area to rural Madison, Wisconsin. On the band’s sophomore record, 936, they combine elements of dub, psych, and krautrock - applying some synth, organ, tape loops, guitar, and layered vocal harmonies - resulting in beautifully hipnotic, psychedelic, dub-pop. In 2006 when Indra and I connected things had done changed. I had just got back from living in New Zealand and Australia for two years and Indra was ...
    Covert Curiosity
    9 January 2012
  • 936 Remixed
    It was nearly impossible to read XLR8R during the latter parts of 2011 without seeing some bit of ecstatic praise for the LA-based experimental dance music label 100% Silk; we've been more or less hooked on the record hub's output since day one. Elsewhere on the internet, you've likely found heaps of accolade for sister imprint Not Not Fun , especially in regards to the 936 LP it released for Madison, WI husband-and-wife duo Peaking Lights . So, one might assume that the 936 Remixed EP is the end product of a handful of 2011's most exciting artists ...
    XLR8R: Downloads
    5 January 2012
  • AiMT 2011: Best Remixes
    White Sea This concludes AiMT 2011 . It's been a royal pain in the ass real. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #25 Connan Mockasin - "Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Rework)" [Phantasy] STREAM: #24 Virgo Four - "It's a Crime (Caribou Mix)" [Rush Hour] STREAM: #23 Tyson - "After You're Gone (Solo Remix)" [Back Yard] STREAM: #22 Ronson">Mark Ronson & The Business Intl ft. MNDR, Pharrell, Wiley & Wretch 32 - "Record Collection 2012 (Logo Remix)" [Kitsuné] STREAM: #21 Ford & Lopatin - "I Surrender (Peaking Lights Bass Ship Remix)" [Software] STREAM: #20 Motor City Drum Ensemble - "L.O.V.E. (Kyle Hall Remix)" [!K7] STREAM: #19 Junip - "Without You ...
    Ants in My Trance
    4 January 2012
  • SONGS 2011 [Cyan Kid]
    E+E The Dreem Chopgang Sixteen Gucci Mane Dollar Sign (These New Puritans Remix) 18+ Forgiven Holy Other Touch Butterclock Underworld Dan Bodan What's So New Nadia Oh Kate Middleton Terror Bird She Kissed Me And I Fell Ill Ritualz Ghetto Ass Witch (feat. Gvcci-Hvcci) Solar Bears Cub (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix) Hudson Mohawke Cbat Clams Casino I'm God (Instrumental) Shabazz Palaces An Echo From The Hosts That Profess Infinity Peaking Lights Amazing And Wonderful Grimes Vanessa Austra Lose It Lykke Li Sadness Is A Blessing o F F Love Close To U, I'm Not LISTEN ...
    3 January 2012
  • Top 25 Albums of 2011
    Yeah yeah, okay okay...so we all know the year is winding down and that tomorrow marks the beginning of always mistakingly writing down "2011" instead of "2012".  I swear it takes me at least two months to remember to put the new and correct year down on tests or papers.  Tomorrow also symbolizes a time of change with people devoting themselves to resolutions and new hopes, a time of mystery and wonder of what's to come, a time to start anew!  In a less emotional sense that actually pertains to the blog, there is a new excitement that ...
    Audio Splash
    1 January 2012
  • Wax Lyrical: Lyrics of 2011
    I like to listen in to the lyrics. I always have. I really irritated my Dad some twenty years ago when I snapped his Rumours tape, after rewinding the B-Side to play 'Go Your Own Way' again and again and again, all the way to Grandma’s house, every weekend, until one day the tape just gave up. Sorry Dad. Some people don’t listen to the words and go with the drums or the guitars or some other element of production. I have equal respect for people like that, but I am proud to say that I can perform ...
    The 405
    31 December 2011
  • listenterror: beste alben 2011, 11 - 20
    **** 11. metal mountains – golden trees "helens gesang dominiert und wird zugleich heimgesucht von den filigranen gitarrentunes des p.g. six, den violinenanwandlungen samaras und der gemeinsam gegossenen liquiden bis schwerflüssigen suppe. die psychedelische grenzenlosigkeit und die gebundenheit des folkrocks finden bei metal mountains eine gemeinsame tür, durch die es sich behände schlüpfen lässt." ( quelle ) 12. liz green – o, devotion! 13. peaking lights – 936 14. bonnie 'prince' billy – wolfroy goes to town 15. matt bauer – the jessamine county book of the living 16. bill wells & aidan moffat – everything's getting older "hier wird nicht sillstand geübt, wie die klassiker orientierten meinen ...
    das klienicum
    30 December 2011
    From 100% Silk 's remix EP of Peaking Lights ' phenom 936 album, this Innergaze remix transforms " All The Sun That Shines " into a variation on their own trademark spectral hedonism. Retaining some of the dubby resonances of the original, the track is reimagined here as a shimmering, disco-ball burner. Shines For U (Peaking Lights Remix) by Innergaze
    rose quartz
    30 December 2011
  • BEST OF 2011 (ale)
    Chiudiamola qui, in ordine casuale. NICOLAS JAAR - SPACE IS ONLY NOISE (CIRCUS COMPANY) Non sarà ricordato come il miglior produttore di sempre ma potrà dire di esserlo stato nel 2011. Oggi sta un passo avanti a tutti. Lento e melodrammatico, sempre raffinatissimo, Nicolas Jaar è da considerare un dono dei nostri tempi. Questa è classe.......... ZOLA JESUS - CONATUS (SACRED BONES) Mi piace pensare a lei come il lato oscurissimo di Lady Gaga. Lussurioseggiante. APPARAT - THE DEVIL'S WALK (MUTE) Con il passaggio alla Mute per il tedesco si spalancano nuovi orizzonti. Talvolta pomposi, ridondanti, aulici. Sulla forma si può stare ...
    Frequenze Indipendenti
    29 December 2011
  • Video: Wooden Shjips
    "The steady driving rhythms are the elliptical motion machine driven by the often thick and distorted guitar lines, melodic and boundless. Where they may lead cannot be anticipated but following them is exhilarating. It is all about getting there, the destination, while the experience of getting there is an adventure. It is the guitar lines that guide both the listener and the band on the literal and metaphorical journey into the vastness. The ghostly vocals, obscured by dense layers of instruments surrounding them, are alluring with their airy mystery. This elusive quality further draws the listener in, while they attempt ...
    Covert Curiosity
    28 December 2011
  • Listomania: SPIN Exhaustively Compiles 2011. ..
    SPIN has unveiled their expansive year-end coverage at a more proper time than most—you know, the actual end of the year. For your convenience, we’ve rounded them up below… First, an editorial : Kim and Thurston broke up, Lulu happened, and somewhere in between everybody got pepper-sprayed: 2011 has been a fucked up year all around, but SPIN is proud to at least end it all on a Fucked Up high note… SPIN ‘s 50 Best Albums of 2011 : Everywhere you looked this year there was an absurd or chaotic or turbulent situation that made absolutely no sense whatsoever ...
    The Daily Swarm
    28 December 2011
  • La lista di Jonathan
    I dieci dischi del 2011 (in ordine casuale) Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica (Mexican Summer) Atlas Sound – Parallax (4AD) Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo (Matador) Unknown Mortal Orchestra – s/t (Fat Possum) The Babies – s/t (Shrimper) Peaking Lights – 936 (Not Not Fun) Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost (True [...]
    23 December 2011
  • SPIN'S 20 Best Dance Albums of 2011
    House goes R&B;, dubstep goes subterranean, panic goes to the disco, Justice goes to space, and moombahton does whatever moombahton wants. Groove, however, is still in the heart. Presenting our picks for the 20 best dance records of 2011. SPIN's Best of 2011: • One Fucked Up Year: SPIN's Best of 2011 Issue • SPIN's 50 Best Albums of 2011 • SPIN's 20 Best Songs of 2011 • SPIN's 40 Best Rap Albums of 2011 • SPIN's 10 Best Reissues of 2011 • SPIN's 25 Best Live Photos of 2011 • Endless Bummer: 30 Ways 2011 Was a Drag 20. Four Tet Fabriclive 59 With the memory of 2010's blissful There Is Love in You still fresh, Four Tet's Kieran Hebden spent 2011 expanding the brand. There was a string of tech-house singles, a collaboration with Thom Yorke and Burial, a free-jazz double album, and all of it was capped with this catholic mix for London's famed Fabric superclub. Rather than simply link together the latest club tracks, Hebden wove vintage garage 2-step, minimalistic drone, deep dubstep, and his own bubbly compositions. He even sprinkled in some sounds recorded outside the club, resulting in an adventurous collage that considers both what's inside the walls and beyond. ANDY BETA 19. Africa Hitech 93 Million Miles Named for the distance between the Earth and the Sun, Africa Hitech's 93 Million Miles travels an unusual path through the bass music galaxy, with elements of grime, dubstep, juke, and dancehall reggae ringing a core of shuddering drums and molten synths. Rather than falling prey to the post-everything doldrums, the duo (Global Communication's Mark Pritchard and Spacek's Steve White) infuses its shape-shifting forms with a rare vitality, whether it's the apocalyptic, Ini Kamoze-sampling "Out in the Streets" or the uncharacteristically sweet closer "Don't Fight It." PHILIP SHERBURNE 18. Mark E Stone Breaker After building his reputation as a master of slo-mo house — syrupy-sweet, low-100 bpm edits of Janet Jackson and Grace Jones — Birmingham's Mark E proved that also he could craft studious-yet-pistoning tracks on his own. Taking cues from the deep end of Detroit and Chicago electronic music, this debut full-length moves from the deliberate stomp of "Black Country Saga" and soul-flecked "The Day" into the darker acid of "Belvide Beat," taking us on a trip without ever leaving second gear. A.B. 17. Justice Audio, Video, Disco For those about to rock…well, perhaps you should dance instead. So goes the motto of Justice's sophomore album, Audio, Video, Disco . Fans of AC/DC and Yes might not approve of the French duo's prefab progginess or their showy union of '70s-era power chords with come-hither electro rhythms. But this bombastic, bold album is as fit for a middle-school mixer as it is for a sold-out stadium. And we salute them. PHOEBE REILLY 16. Theo Parrish Uget Parallel Dimensions An "edit" is often a self-indulgent tool for DJs and producers to alter a track — prolong a drum break, cut out undesirable vocals, tweak the EQ — all to make other people's music better fit their own aesthetic. That said, Theo Parrish's Ugly Edit 12-inches from the early '00s are infamous, with the Detroit techno luminary reinventing soul, funk, hip-hop, and house tracks to be even more eminently danceable. This two-disc comp makes his edits available to the masses: Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes stripped of all vocals save a deep-toned Teddy Pendergrass; a smooth reinvention of Kool & the Gang's "Hot Hot Summer Day"; and four-on-the-floor renditions of the Dells, Jill Scott, and Funkadelic. On a more fleshed-out plane is the reissue of Parrish's self-released 2000 debut, Parallel Dimensions , a collection of meditative techno infused with jazz, African drums, hazy dub, and melodic, bluesy inflections serving as a foundation for the producer's signature dance hypnosis. PUJA PATEL MORE ON PAGE 2! >> 15. Peaking Lights 936 Chillwave's next hot spot is in flyover country: Madison, Wisconsin, which is where Peaking Lights couple Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes have set up shop (literally, opening a ...
    22 December 2011
  • The Process 01 Ft. Peaking Lights, Roedelius ..
    Welcome to the first episode of The Process. In this show we hear from Peaking Lights and Roedelius and music from them, The Cramps, Swords">Forest Swords, Spectrum, Lungfish and more.
    radio magnetic
    22 December 2011
  • Peaking Lights: "Westbound" - Peaking Lights ..
    Das Dub/Pop-Duo Peaking Lights gab am 15. Dezember eine Live-Session und ein kleines Interview beim britischen Radiosender BBC 1. Im Studio präsentierten Aaron Coyes und Indra Dunis nicht nur ihren neuen Track "Westbound", sondern auch ihr gemeinsames Baby. Klickt einfach auf das Album-Artwork und schon gelangt ihr zum Stream des Senders, der aber nur noch bis zum 22. Dezember zugänglich ist: Die Peaking Lights dürfen auf ein gutes Jahr zurückblicken. Nicht nur das via Domino Records erschienene Debüt " 936 " sorgte bei Kritikern für Aufregung, auch die Remix-Version ( motor.de berichtete ) dürfte euphorisch aufgenommen worden sein. Peaking Lights sind Aaron ...
    motor.de News
    20 December 2011
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