We Are Hunted

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    Benton Harbor Blues (Again)
    The Fiery Furnaces
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    Blueberry Boat
    The Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces


The Fiery Furnaces are a U.S. indie rock band formed in Brooklyn, New York , [ citation needed ] in 2000. [ 1 ] The band's primary members are Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger . The brother and sister are originally from Oak Park, Illinois , a near-western suburb of Chicago . Read More

  • TRACK STREAM: The Fiery Furnaces – Dayrotter ..
    I fratelli Friedberger ospiti del famoso Horseshack studio di Rock Island, Illinois per una… TRACK STREAM: The Fiery Furnaces – Dayrotter Session pubblicato su Indie For BUNNIES
    Indie For Bunnies
    1 March 2012
  • Get Thee Behind Me, Santorum! (No! Not THAT ..
    Have a Talk with God - Stevie Wonder (mp3) I’m on the verge of declaring Rick Santorum to be an evil man. I’m not there yet, but I’m close. Disclaimer: By no means am I empowered by my Creator to determine those who are Evil and those who are Good. I am a mere flawed mortal with flawed perspective. But here’s what I know with certainty: Rick Santorum is using the Bible as a cudgel. He’s using the Bible as a bludgeon wrapped in a blanket of deceptive insincerity. In other words, the way he is ...
    Bottom of the Glass
    28 February 2012
  • Mix Tape: Songs with letters in the title ..
    Requested by jessjimmy • Compiled by MORE SITTING AROUND 01. Wilco - “Box Full Of Letters” (A.M.) 02. The Box Tops - “The Letter” (The Letter/Neon Rainbow) 03. PJ Harvey - “The Letter” (Uh Huh Her) 04. Wire - “Another The Letter” (Chairs Missing) 05. R.E.M. - “E-Bow The Letter” (New Adventures In Hi-Fi) 06. The Fiery Furnaces - “We Wrote Letters Every Day” (Rehearsing My Choir) 07. David Bowie - “Letter To Hermione” (Space Oddity) 08. Pixies - “Letter To Memphis” (Trompe Le Monde) 09. Beastie Boys - “An Open Letter To NYC” (To The 5 Boroughs) 10. The Mountain Goats - “Letter To Belgium” (We ...
    Tiny Mix Tapes
    23 February 2012
  • Eleanor Friedberger announces 2012 tour date ..
    The Fiery Furnaces front-woman tours behind her solo debut.
    Consequence of Sound
    21 February 2012
  • Eleanor Friedberger announces tour dates
    The Fiery Furnaces vocalist will tour around North America through May.
    NJ Underground
    18 February 2012
  • Eleanor Friedberger Announces Tour
    Fiery Furnaces ' Eleanor Friedberger will hit the road again in support of her 2011 solo LP Last Summer . She'll perform as the guest musician for the tour associated with the IFC show "Portlandia" during the first leg, and will share a bill with Merge labelmates Hospitality for the second. The tour also includes a week-long Ballroom Marfa residency in Marfa, Texas where, in addition to performing at the Crowley Theater,  she'll record a 7" with Marfa Recording Company 's Gory Smelley-- find the full schedule below, followed by the video for Friedberger's " Heaven".
    18 February 2012
  • Tonight in Seattle: Eleanor Friedberger, Pro ..
    Eleanor Friedberger, Legs">Dominant Legs, Blouse @ The Crocodile | 2/9 | 8 pm | $12 (Get Tickets) | 21+ Eleanor Friedberger is known for her role in the Chicago power-pop band The Fiery Furnaces; a band that she created with her brother around a decade ago.  The Fiery Furnaces have created a total of nine [...]
    Seattle Show Gal.
    10 February 2012
  • Can I get a God damn amen?
    And number one with a bullet today... Sweet Tooth Bird - Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny .  Destined to be a rockestra masterpiece, kinda of reminds me of how I felt with early Fiery Furnaces before they got boring.  Ms. Houghton should have quite a future ahead of her and we (meaning, you know, just me...) all anticipate her upcoming album.  Also check out her Liliputt single from 2011. Also peaking in the playlist Bullet in the Gun - The Delorentos - Pouges / Springsteen / Walkmen / Hold Steady amalgamation kind of sounds bad at first read but for some reason works in this ...
    Vinyl Mine
    9 February 2012
  • Win Tickets to Eleanor Friedberger at The Cr ..
    Eleanor Friedberger, Legs">Dominant Legs, Blouse @ The Crocodile | 02/09 | 8pm | $12 Get Tickets Here | +21 Eleanor Friedberger’s debut solo album is all over the place sonically, but in an affecting, endearing way. Last Summer is as much New York City as it is Arthur Russell, Bruce Springsteen, and Fiery Furnaces–  the [...]
    Seattle Show Gal.
    9 February 2012
  • Concert Preview: Eleanor Friedberger @ The C ..
    Eleanor Friedberger is playing at the Crocodile Thursday night, February 9. If you haven’t heard “My Mistakes”, the lead single off of her debut solo LP Last Summer, listen to it above, and I’ll probably see you on Thursday. You may know the Friedberger name from The Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor’s band with her brother Matt. Read more...
    KEXP Blog
    9 February 2012
  • Live Review: Eleanor Friedberger at San Fran ..
    Former frontwoman for The Fiery Furnaces sets the crowd aflame.
    Consequence of Sound
    7 February 2012
  • New Music Video: Eleanor Friedberger
    Eleanor Friedberger, 50% of the brother/sister duo Fiery Furnaces, has a distinct weirdness about her. Her straight-faced demeanor about everything makes me think that if she turned out to be a witchcraft practicing, pickpocketing felon, I wouldn't be too surprised. That's what she admits to in her newest video "Heaven," from (last summer's)Last Summer. Watch as she rolls dice, tosses back whiskey, macks a dude out of his wallet, and gets touched by the hand of death. All set to a uplifting he
    4 February 2012
  • VIDEO+MP3: Eleanor Friedberger – Heaven
    Nuovo video per Eleanor Friedberger metà e voce degli americani Fiery Furnaces. “Heaven” è… VIDEO+MP3: Eleanor Friedberger – Heaven pubblicato su Indie For BUNNIES
    Indie For Bunnies
    1 February 2012
  • Eleanor Friedberger: Show Preview
    Lovable though the Fiery Furnaces are, part of the brother-and-sister duo's charm is its tendency to upend any moments of pop perfection with cacophonous noises, fractures in song structure, and other sonic disturbances. Thankfully, on Last Summer , her first solo outing, Furnaces singer...
    SF Weekly - Music
    1 February 2012
  • Video: Eleanor Friedberger, ‘Heaven’
    Time off from being one-half of the Fiery Furnaces (with the other half being her brother Matthew) has been treating Eleanor Friedberger quite well. She’s on tour with a backing band featuring Matt Asti (MGMT), Ahmed Gallab (Yeasayer, Caribou) and John Eatherly (Be Your Own Pet, Turbo Fruits), and she’ll also personally be joining Carrie [...]
    31 January 2012
  • I'm Going Away
    Thrill Jockey
    • I'm Going Away
    • Drive To Dallas
    • The End Is Near
    • Charmaine Champagne
    • Cut The Cake
    • Even In The Rain
    • Staring At The Steeple
    • Ray Bouvier
    • Keep Me In The Dark
    • Lost At Sea
    • Cups & Punches
    • Take Me Round Again
  • Remember
    Thrill Jockey
    • Intro
    • Blueberry Boat
    • Single Again
    • Two Fat Feet
    • Don't Dance Her Down
    • Single Again (Reprise)
    • Wicker Whatnots
    • Little Thatched Hut
    • I'm In No Mood
    • Black-Hearted Boy
    • Bitter Tea
    • Waiting To Know You
    • Vietnamese Telephone Ministry
    • Oh Sweet Woods
    • Borneo
    • Benton Harbor Blues
    • Japanese Slippers
    • Benton Harbor Blues (Reprise)
    • Whistle Rhapsody
    • Crystal Clear
    • Whistle Rhapsody (Reprise)
    • Teach Me Sweetheart
    • Evergreen
    • Bitter Tea (Reprise)
    • Chris Michaels
    • Quay Car
    • My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found
    • Spaniolated
    • Name Game
    • Birdie Brain
    • 1917
    • Slavin' Away (Intro)
    • Tropical Ice-Land
    • Asthma Attack
    • Tropical Ice-Land (Reprise)
    • The Wayward Granddaughter
    • The Garfield El
    • A Candymaker's Knife In My Handbag
    • Forty-Eight Twenty-Three Twenty-Second St.
    • Slavin' Away
    • Seven Silver Curses
    • Clear Signal From Cairo
    • I'm Gonna Run
    • Here Comes the Summer
    • Chief Inspector Blancheflower
    • Automatic Husband
    • Ex-Guru
    • Clear Signal From Cairo (Reprise)
    • Philadelphia Grand Jury
    • Navy Nurse
    • Uncle Charlie
  • Blueberry Boat
    Sanctuary Records
    • Quay Cur
    • Straight Street
    • Blueberry Boat
    • Chris Michaels
    • Paw Paw Tree
    • My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found
    • Mason City
    • Chief Inspector Blanchfelower
    • Spaniolated
    • 1917
    • Birdie Brain
    • Turning Round
    • Wolf Notes
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