We Are Hunted

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  • In my oppinion this is the best Mac Miller track after "Best Day Ever" and "Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza". The beat is fresh, the flow is smooth and his voice itself is very good. Freshest hip hop act 2011.
  • A powerful and awesome track! Nneka is kicking that song nicely.
  • What a beautiful track. Smooth melody and a chilled voice mixed up with some cute lyrics.
  • Happyness is spread through this track. Awesome lyrics, nice sound and cool vocals. Nuff said.
  • A great energetic track by Sigur Ros. Seems happy and powerful. They typical great Sigur Ros vocals and a very mystical melodie. Extremly sweet song.
  • Folk made for everyone, thats "Mumford And Sons" and thats the good thing, they opened a old genre to a new group of targets, the modern teenager and young adults. A very strong and clean voice paired with great lyrics and a great track for our music history.
  • A very great track! The Bloody Beetroots are great musicians. This song is so full of power. The curve of excitement is great in this track. It has it hights and deeps but at the end, this track is a great happy track. Could be listened multiple times in a row without getting boring.
  • Brilliant song! The vocals are relaxed and clean, very good to listen to. The lyrics are nice but typical. The melody sounds nice but is lame. The song has way to less lyrics so you notice the melody even better, that wouldn't be a problem if the melody wouldn't be that neutral.
  • A brilliant song. The melodie is catchy and the lyrics are very nice. The vocals them self are very smooth and clean. A great song to listen to.
  • "Youth Lagoon" by "Montana" is a great and chilled track. The ambiente is just right. The vocals are slightly to quiet. A perfect song for fall.

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