We Are Hunted

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  • awesome version
  • just amazing. love this version
  • Really worth a listen. Starts slow and gains momentum until it's barreling down the highway.
  • on replay often
  • What a set of pipes. Classic rock vibe with incredibly strong vocals. Amazing
  • Yeah, it's from 2009. And yeah, it's Franz Ferdinand. Proper song. So is "Ulysses." And so few even recognize them. (Sigh...) Enjoy
  • This song has been in my head all weekend. This song makes me nostalgic for high school road trips, joking in the backseat of a car with best friends. Optimistic and hopeful for the future.
  • Wish I could wake up to this song every morning. I really dig the vocal ping pong and harmonizing. Easy listening and the album is free to stream on their website (it's good). Good luck guys! NYC soon. (10/27)
  • welcome back gentlemen... we've been expecting you. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Straight rocker, not much to dislike (10/27)
  • It sprints out the gate from the first beat to the end and I wish more songs could pull off what this band seems to do regularly. The song is frenetic yet with a purpose & direction. Fast tempo, smooth lyrics and... cowbell? Thumbs up on this song. If you enjoy this song and band you might enjoy "Oh!" and "Hero Knows" (the latter isn't up on this site). 10/24/11

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