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Hot Chip Jam With The Homeless
Some people seem to really dislike Hot Chip, but since around 2006, I think they've been one of my favorite acts as far as single releases go. Since the band ...
1 month ago - 4 a.m. Saturday 25th April 2009 EST
Dirty Projectors Go Ask Willy [Leak Of The ...
ARTIST : Dirty Projectors TITLE : Bitte Orca RELEASE DATE : June 9, 2009 WEB DEBUT : April 9, 2009 ONE-LISTEN VERDICT : From where I'm sitting, Dave Longstreth's band ...
1 month, 2 weeks ago - 1:30 a.m. Saturday 11th April 2009 EST
Doves Shake Off The Rust, Return To Re-Win ...
Call it " Chinese Democracy Syndrome" if you like, but there's a line when waiting a few years for a new album from an act you enjoy turns into a ...
3 months, 2 weeks ago - 4 a.m. Saturday 7th February 2009 EST
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