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090126: Old Afrikan Money

090126: Old Afrikan Money

I know that it’s wrong to favorite people but to be perfectly honest, there’s a few persons I enjoy a bit more than others when they pop a message into my regular inbox, an inbox that’s constantly overfilled and a source of angst and stress of unread, unreplied and unfinished buizness. The Old Money-crew is definitely one of them preferred ones, their work are always solid and pleasing to my ears. Let’s get serious for a while, some material that is send to me is really not cutting it.

It would be nyce to spare both me and u some time if some labels, promotion companies and artists would actually know this sites content. But anyway, the Old Money crew .... 5:33 a.m. Saturday 24th January 2009 EST
First up! 174 posts in collection
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