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090128: N.A.S.A. MUSIC

I know, I know, another N.A.S.A.-post? But yes it is. Seriously, I haven’t been thrilled about an album release in this way for quite some time and the release of "The Spirit of Apollo" crawls nearer by the minute. Usually remixes tend to bet better than the original track in my book, don’t know why really, the story of the hen and the egg perhaps? But that’s not the case with N.A.S.A.<br/><br/> Music. The remix by LA Riot’s is not bad but the original is better in its own simplicity. Love the fact that E-40 seems to have shaped up again since his last album "The Ball Street Journal" was really not doing it for me, 1 good track (Break ....<br/><br/> 3:58 p.m. Sunday 25th January 2009 EST
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