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090219: Half Man - Half Tree

Is it one thing I love to watch on telly besides cooking shows and British crime series like Inspector Morse it’s bizarre documentaries (documentaries may be the wrong word, semi/quasi-docu is perhaps more correct). Anyhow, best by far this year has been the one with the title "Half Man – Half Tree" (just the title...) about some man in the jungle who had some rare skin decease that made his skin look like tree trunks with braches and everything. Modern days answer to the old days freakshow and I _love_ it.<br/><br/> Maybe it’s also the reason why I love this new N.A.S.A.-video of The People Tree (ft. David Byrne, Chali 2na, Gift Of Gab and Z-Trip) coz frankly, that track .... 3:37 a.m. Tuesday 17th February 2009 EST
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