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090222: New Tracks from Don Diablo

When I woke up this morning, did that 2k Pennies-post and zipped on my morning coffee, little did I know that this wasn’t gonna be another usual lazy Sunday. Oh no. Someone I love the most is right now involved in some minor kidnapping drama.<br/><br/> Yeah. Kidnapping. No worries, it’s not like in the movies, there’s no ransom, gun pointed to the dead or walking on the line between life and death but still, some seriously fucked up shit.<br/><br/> I don’t know so much more basically just that some people should be declared of incapacity even if they are like 38 years of age or better, put to death. Strong words yeah I know, but I surely wouldn’t cry. Well, ....<br/><br/> 6:44 a.m. Friday 20th February 2009 EST
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