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10 Things That Wouldn’t Exist Without ...

Thirty years ago this month The Clash released their third album, 'London Calling'. In its scope, ambition and accomplishments it rescued the band from the punk cul de sac and put them on a par with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. From the moment of release it was an instant classic.

Not only that, but it changed the way that people perceived rock forever. 1. Cover art that embodies the spirit of rock 2.

Decent use of rock samples in music 'The Guns Of Brixton''s lolloping bass line was sampled by Norman Cook (later Fatboy Slim) and (along with Ennio Morricone’s Man With A Harmonica) turned into the first innovative and visionary use of a rock sample: Beats International’s ....
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7:56 a.m. Saturday 19th December 2009 EST
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