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#16 - Mates of State

If you've been up to date, I've posted my top 15 favorite tracks of the year. I won't lie like others when they make a Best-Of list. It wasn't difficult.<br/><br/> It's not to say there wasn't a lot of fantastic music released in 2008, it's just that my favorite songs came to me very easily. However, ever since I made the list, I have been wondering why I followed conventional norms of making a Best Of list that either ends in a "0" or "5." I should have just made a Top 16 list. Reason being is that a song by Mates of State is one that has been on a few of my 2008 mixes and has been on ....<br/><br/> 1:46 a.m. Tuesday 6th January 2009 EST
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