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17 Even More "Anticipated" Films From ...

Is it too late to post our even More " Anticipated " List of 2009 films since it's practically February? Since Sundance has already happened and this was in the can, it is a moot point? Considering the fact, not all these films are necessarily "anticipated" by any of us, but more of a run-off piece from things that didn't make our Most Anticipated List , our Least Anticipated List, our Could Be At Least Entertaining List , TWO Sundance '09 preview features and our Indie/Foreign Anticipated List , should we probably just toss this feature in the garbage, right? [ed. we've probably mentioned over 200 films in all of these easily] Probably, but there are starving children in Africa ....
5:24 a.m. Saturday 31st January 2009 EST
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