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1981, Carrie

1981, CARRIE Static Discos, México ****1/2 Rating: 91 By Carlos Reyes Carrie is a young revelation from Guadalajara Mexico, her sophomore album 1981 was released early this year, an exciting record that although signs the extension of a splendid singer-songwriter, was the year’s overlooked jewel. My first encounter with her music was early this year with the release of The City EP (Poni Republic) in which she shared credits with The Oslo Deadtrash Project , and later on the year’s best compilation Pero ese olor en el cuarto del piano fue el primer perfume que necesito en su vida . Her music builds on melodic keys, jumps through electronic groundings and yet has the virtue of being charmingly naif.<br/><br/> Although .... 3:05 a.m. Sunday 21st December 2008 EST
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