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2008 Albums of the Year

2008 Albums of the Year

A nd now for Part Three of the 2008-Year-End-Smash-'Em-Up-Rally-Blowout-Party: our favorite albums of the year, but this time with less consensus! Still more smashing-up and blowing-out to be had tomorrow... Beach House - Devotion (Carpark) F ull disclosure: I spent most of the year buried in the past. I investigated Slash Records’ early roster and became enamored of Fear and X.

I huddled in bed listening to Colossal Youth and Nebraska . When I emerged from my early-eighties cocoon, it was to revisit Pavement – I didn’t see the need to venture past 1999. Now, I heard a lot from 2008, but only a few records stuck.

Of those, it was the woozy dream-pop of Beach House’s Devotion that hit .... 11 p.m. Thursday 18th December 2008 EST
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