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2008 In Review, Vol. 3 - ...

2008 In Review, Vol. 3 - Tall Firs

New York’s Tall Firs released their sophomore record earlier this year called Too Old To Die Young through Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label. The connection to Moore is fitting. The Tall Firs’ stoned guitar clatter and creaky vocals recall much of the post- Daydream Nation era of Sonic Youth - when they were scooped up by Geffen Records and expected to produce some modern rock hits.

There is a definite nostalgia at work on Too Old To Die Young for those early 90’s days. With all the 80’s revivalists working today it’s refreshing to hear a band that’s more interested in the merits of Dirty , Where You Been , or going back further, Marquee Moon , than, say, Duran .... 10:54 a.m. Monday 8th December 2008 EST
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