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2008 Review

If a week is a long time in politics, then a year is twelve months in music. But if today was a year from now what would we say about Anno Domini 2008 in a sonic sense? Well... Best gig HEALTH @ Charlie’s (Hey Manchester!) 3 May 2008 We said: “At no point during their set is any member of the band static or making anything like the kind of noise traditionally expected by the instrument in their hands…a striking mix of hypnotic robot vocals, chiselled melodic dissonance and beat smart rhythmic intensity” …i.e.<br/><br/> well rad. HEALTH - 'Glitter Pills'.mp3 Best album Late Of The Pier – Fantasy Black Channel (Parlophone) We said: “ with the help of Erol .... 10:57 p.m. Thursday 11th December 2008 EST
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