2008's Bests (Part 2)

2008's Bests (Part 2)

The songs I choose for today are not the same type as yesterday… These are the songs I listened to while I was studying or before going to sleep. But still they are really good and were a part of my 2008 musical environment. Snoop Dogg feat.

Lil Kim – Sensual Seduction (Remix) (Link 1) Snoop Dogg feat. Lil Kim – Sensual Seduction (Remix) (Link 2) Who else than Lil Kim could make a remix about a sexual song like that? The song is marvellous, the beat is smooth and sounds 80-ish and who knew Snoop Dogg could sing? Viva el vocoder! Plus the video is cooool ! Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown – No Air (Link 1) Jordin Sparks ....

3:43 a.m. Thursday 25th December 2008 EST
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