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2009: Top Woman Pt 4

It’s depressingly true, but female musicians are often judged more on their aesthetic value than on their overriding musical abilities. This is sometimes the unavoidable curse of our sex, but it is in no way immutable. Just look at Beth Ditto.

Defying convention and putting two fingers up to those judgmental bastards, the ferocious front woman stormed back onto the scene earlier this year with Gossip’s fourth studio album, ‘Music For Men.’ And she didn’t disappoint. This raucous American has certainly broken the mould in a number of ways, gaining widespread critical acclaim and oodles of respect for her talent as a chanteuse and not as a visual stimulant for the male libido. And she joins the stellar line-up of ....

From 'Clash Music'
8:32 p.m. Thursday 31st December 2009 EST
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