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25 completely false things about me

1. Ice cream is gross, especially coffee flavor. 2.<br/><br/> I totally love outdoor festivals. Dirt and thousands of people. Yesss! 3.<br/><br/> I don't find glittery vampires funny, definitely not funny enough to laugh out loud. 4. Flying isn't frightening.<br/><br/> Climbing into a tin can to be propelled through the air at inhuman speeds? It's nothing! 5. I never take pictures. 6.<br/><br/> Eight is my unlucky number, along with 3. 7. I once went 'deep sea diving' at the bottom on the Mississippi River to analyze minerals.<br/><br/> 8. I don't have any tattoos or scarification. 9.<br/><br/> I know every word to every Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus song ever released. 10. I am immune to most diseases and have no allergies.<br/><br/> .... 1:07 a.m. Wednesday 4th February 2009 EST
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