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"4ad" - Pioneering Indie art record ...

"4ad" - Pioneering Indie art record label ...

With many artists; from the darkness of England's "Bauhaus" , to the art indie noise of America's "TV on the Radio" , 4ad has led the lantern light within the indie underground scene since it began in early 19 hundred and 80 . Whether with new and exciting sounds from the underground , or it's visual aesthetic style , 4ad delived a sound that sounded as good as it looked ! The music , was to mildly put it , dark , atmospheric and beautiful .. Here are some of the key releases on 4ad throut the years ; 1980 Bauhaus Dark Entries 1981 The Birthday Party Prayers on Fire 1984 Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance This Mortal Coil ....

11:58 a.m. Wednesday 23rd April 2008 EST
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