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50 Cent, Akon, Common, Diddy, Jay-Z, ...

Forbes has released its annual report of Hip-Hop earners (the year goes from July-June), and there's not many surprises; Jay-Z tops the list making $35 million during that span. Diddy comes in second with $30 million, Kanye at third with $25 million, 50 Cent at fourth with $20 million in a tie with Akon. Of special note is that 50 dropped three spots because last year saw him sell his share of Vitamin Water for an outrageous sum.<br/><br/> Jay also fell in terms of dead presidents stacked due to his huge, one-time payment deal with Live Nation. And overall, the recession hit rappers hard; the top 20 made $500 million last year, and this year it's an insulting $300 million. ....<br/><br/> 11 p.m. Friday 10th July 2009 EST
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