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60s Counterculture - the musical

60s Counterculture - the musical

... Timothy Leary hiding from the Merry Pranksters at Millbrook to the strains of Betty Davis funk... Gordon Wasson's mushroom hunting trip with everyone miming the chorus to The Dead Kennedys Pull My Strings ...

a Black Panther meeting with everyone throwing shapes to Nurse With Wound's Strang Play of the Mouth... the Human Be In with the whole crowd wearing duck masks and swaying to KRS-One's My Philosophy... The May 68 Paris Riots with everyone playing human statues and humming Ricardo Villalobos's Chants...

MC5 seguing from Kick Out The James into the Cocteau Twins Violaine, with the crowd singing along... The Dead Kennedys - Pull My Strings Cocteau Twins - Violaine KRS-One - My Philosophy. 10:40 p.m. Friday 24th October 2008 EST
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