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8 Ways To Fix Tarantino's WWII ...

Ok, Quentin Tarantino 's WWII film, " Inglourious Basterds ," what went wrong exactly? Some have already suggested we wanted to hate the film (we gave it a fairly mediocre rating in our review), which is utter nonsense. In fact, we spent half the weekend thinking about the film and mulling over in our heads what happened (no, it hasn't gotten better with time yet). We loved the script and we suppose we'll always have the story, but something went amiss when it went onscreen.<br/><br/> We became so preoccupied with it this concept over the weekend we went out to rent " Kill Bill 2 ," as it was one of Tarantino's works that we thought most resembled 'Basterds' (we .... 3:19 a.m. Wednesday 27th May 2009 EST
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