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-[]- New Leaks: Metric - Fantasies ...

-[]- New Leaks: Metric - Fantasies -[]-

This leaked about two days ago I think and I am just getting a chance to check it out today. Well, I will be once it finishes downloading... "Their upcoming album, Fantasies, is expected to be available on April 14.

The album is being released on Arts & Crafts in Mexico and Last Gang Records in Canada, but the band is independently putting out Fantasies in the United States. Vocalist Emily Haines has stated that she set out to write "genuine" and "simple" lyrics, while Metric's guitarist Jimmy Shaw describes the sound on Fantasies as "very big," and "very dreamy." The first single, "Help I'm Alive," has already become a hit on Canadian indie rock radio stations, and is a .... 11:36 p.m. Thursday 12th March 2009 EST
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