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A1 Bassline - Girl Thing

A1 Bassline is a producer from London. He has received positive press from such mags as DJ Magazine, Mix Mag and NME and his tracks have been supported by DJs the world over, including Le Castle Vania, Steve Aoki and Guns and Bombs. His biggest hit to date, 'Girl Thing' has blown up the internet, and we have 7 different remixes of the song to share with you.

A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Disco Villains remix) [click to download] Visit Disco Villains on MySpace A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Billion Dollar DJs 90's Kegger Remix) [click to download] Visit Billion Dollar DJs on MySpace A1 Bassline - Girl Thing (Techjio Remix) [click to download] Visit Techjio on MySpace A1 Bassline ....
6:15 a.m. Sunday 14th December 2008 EST
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