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A Change Is A-Comin'

A Change Is A-Comin'

OK, so now that this shit happened twice within one month, it's become clear that the site has outgrown the model I was using. Good news, since now we're like, totally popular, but bad news cause it's gonna be a pain in the ass to restructure the downloads. Anyways.....all that means to you right now is you have to click the zShare link to preview & download songs til my fileden gets unfrozen.

On ANOTHER note, I've got a new job, working as the LA Editor for Green Shoelace , which promises to become a multi-layered online music resource, but currently acts as a collection of the best concerts in the city, week to week. So come here to listen .... 8:24 a.m. Wednesday 13th May 2009 EST
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