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So about a month ago when I was scanning around for new music I downloaded a couple songs by this dude (Chris Glover) going by Penguin Prison . Well duh, I downloaded it, I'm mildly obsessed with penguins, so he had me there. Anyway, I just got around to listening to him more this week and it's safe to say he has my blessing.

Seems heavily influenced by male pop acts from the 80s; a very George Michael, Police kind of sound. PENGUIN PRISON - ANIMAL ANIMAL (YSI) PENGUIN PRISON - A FUNNY THING (YSI) But that's not all. Dude is already dropping remixes.

Most importantly, his remix of Marina and the Diamonds ' "I Am Not A Robot," which ....
11:03 a.m. Saturday 21st November 2009 EST
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