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A Good Look: Daft Punk To ...

A Good Look: Daft Punk To Score 'Tron 2'

" Tron 2 " is honestly nowhere on our radar. We have zero nostalgia for the campy, and corny effects of the original, but the Disney sequel just made one huge step in the right direction by hiring French electronic maestros Daft Punk to compose the music, according to Upcoming Film Scores. This still doesn't mean we'd probably pay to see the film, but anything Daft Punk soundtracks is absolutely worth listening to and it'll probably mean we're at least curious to see the picture (those who haven't heard one-half, Thomas Bangalter 's " Irréversible " claustrophobic score ; run don't walk).

It's being touted by UFS as Daft Punk's first proper feature-film score, and while that's technically true, the .... 2:41 a.m. Thursday 5th March 2009 EST
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