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STARK vs. RUFUS WAINWRIGHT An Interview by Andrew Daniels Rufus Wainwright is tired. The acclaimed troubadour, whom none other than Elton John has called "the greatest songwriter on the planet," has a penchant for doing things rather lavishly.<br/><br/> In the last three years alone, he's performed an entire Judy Garland concert album in its entirety at Carnegie Hall, set Shakespeare's sonnets to music in a collaboration with the Berliner Ensemble and penned his first opera, "Prima Donna," which premiered in Manchester, England, two weeks ago. So it's natural that Wainwright, who is calling from Long Island on a July afternoon a few days after his 36th birthday, sounds positively drained. "I just need a breather," he says.<br/><br/> Who can blame .... 12:15 a.m. Tuesday 4th August 2009 EST
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