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A Look Back: Primavera Club 2009

It was a tiring week (we're staying 30 minutes outside Barcelona and the daily back and forth was something of a challenge) but well worth it. We ate Pakistani food, visited our beloved Wok to Walk, saw a lot of the city and uhm, obviously a bunch of great bands! -Best venue: Sala Apolo (located in a beautiful 1940s dance-hall) -Best performance: Beach House (Steven), Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard (Eliza) - I'm sure the fact that they played Bugs & Flowers specially for her had something to do with that ;-) -Cheapest beer: Monasterio (€3.50) -Best (and funniest) inter-song talking: So Cow - Most fun: Devendra Banhart and the Grogs (though Eliza thought: "So yesterday we saw Devendra Banhart. ....

12:22 a.m. Thursday 17th December 2009 EST
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