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A note to kind Office Naps ...

A note to kind Office Naps readers

Some of you have noticed that your author, who has made it a habit to drop things for months at a time, then to only suddenly reappear like that errant stepfather, has done it again. A bit of explanation. When one's waking hours are spent pitch-adjusting blue audograph discs or wondering whether more time shouldn't be spent with something called digiprov , other things - important things - perspective, for one, updating music blogs, another - tend to get pushed aside.

Healthier souls, even in their busiest stretches, commit themselves to at least some daily moment of relaxation or favorite activity. The word, I think, is balance. That's something I've never much messed around with.

But Office Naps is something .... 3:53 p.m. Sunday 15th March 2009 EST
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